Cicada Are Coming!

Our team provides guidance for plant care while cicadas are in our area this season


In other plant news:

Whether they’re newly planted or a few years old, you should periodically review your plants. Do they look healthy? Are they well established? Are they growing? If you’ve had sod installed, are you watering daily and frequently?

Proper watering is vital to helping your plants stay healthy, so here are some basic watering tips:

  • Remember that all plants need water.
  • Watering your new plants is essential during the transition time as they adapt to their new environment.
  • Just spraying water on the bush or tree is not enough; the focus must be on thoroughly dampening the root ball. We recommend purchasing a watering wand from your local hardware store for hand-to-plant contact.
  • The root balls of “soft foliage” (think Spirea, Viburnum, Lilac, Perennials, etc.) plants should be watered every 2 to 3 days.
  • The root balls of Evergreen (think Taxus, Holly, Boxwood, Spruce, etc.) plants should be watered every 3 to 5 days.
  • To tell if your plants need watering, pull the mulch back from the root ball and put your finger into the soil. If it’s dry, time to give your plants a drink. We also recommend Treegator Watering Bags for trees (online or in-store).
  • You can water your plants less during the spring and fall and/or during cool, rainy conditions.
  • You will want to water your plants more during the summer and/or when conditions are hot and dry.

Watering tips for summer months and hot seasons:

  • Your plantings need your active care to stay healthy and thriving
  • An irrigation system may assist with your plant care, but is not a substitute for hand watering which is needed for all your plant material
  • For the first 4-5 weeks of a hot period (or until the heat and humidity gradually ease), water all new and established plant material every other day
  • For the following 4 weeks or the latter part of the summer season or hot period, water all new and established plant material every 4-5 days


Fertilizer should have been applied when your plants were installed (if we did the install, it definitely was). You can water and fertilize at the same time with any product that attaches to your hose (like Miracle Grow). Fertilize annually to keep your garden growing.

Established plants will eventually need a touch up and a haircut, just like us. Proper pruning is important to your plants’ health.

Usually in the spring of each year, a new layer of mulch helps freshen up the look of your landscape.