Project Description

“We wanted to thank you and your staff for the absolutely wonderful landscaping job you have done on our property! We are thrilled with every aspect of it, from the paver walkway, patio and fire pit in the backyard, the retaining wall defining the upper part of the hardscape around the pool, the woodchips with the “Christmas trees” in one corner of the backyard, and the woodchips and viburnum in the other rear comer; along with the myriad of evergreen trees, knockout roses, azalea and boxwood bushes, river rock and stone steppers….oh my!!! To say we are thrilled with the work your fine company has done, is quite an understatement. We feel like our home and yard looks wonderful, and we are very grateful to the working relationship we have with each other. We worked together for the better part of a year, planning and implementing our project, as well as making sure it was “right.” It was a pleasure to have them underfoot. Lighting up the finished product made it a delight to be outside later into the evenings this summer! We wanted to let you know that your diligent, professional work has been highly appreciated by not only ourselves, but others too. We have received so many compliments on the finished product from family, friends and neighbors. Our sincere thanks and gratitude for a job extremely well done!”

Anderson Township Residence