Managing Your Landscape
"Managing your landscape," means keeping it sculpted, well groomed and, most importantly, healthy. Moreover, it will enhance the aesthetic, as well as financial value of your home. Managing your landscape protects the substantial investment you've made. We recommend that your landscape be cared for a minimum of three times a year: spring, mid-summer and fall.
  • Spring Clean Up consists of pruning ornamental plants as needed (shrubs and trees up to 14 feet); removing leaves, debris, and old mulch from your landscape beds; establishing new bed edges; applying fertilizer and weed control (to aid in the prevention of weed growth); and apply a thin layer of new mulch.

  • Mid-Summer Maintenance means lightly pruning ornamental plants as needed, fluffing the existing mulch and again applying weed control.

  • Fall Clean Up includes pruning ornamental plants as needed, leaf removal from landscape beds, fluffing the existing mulch and preparing plants and beds for winter.
We also offer our "Platinum Program". This service provides three large clean ups per year (Spring, Mid-Summer and Fall) plus one visit per month (non major clean up months) for minor ornamental pruning and weeding, as well as evaluating your beds and landscape for stress, disease, and insects (herbicide and insecticide spraying is additional). It also allows us to prune your ornamental plants at the appropriate time of year to provide balanced, proportional growth and increase the longevity of your landscape. We can configure your landscape management program to include the "Platinum Program", or a combination to suit your individual needs.

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